Dispute a retailer complaint

Sometimes things get damaged in transit or aren’t included in the shipping. If you’ve received a request for a replacement or refund for missing/damaged items, we ask you help meet that request.

We also highly recommend that you purchase insurance for your packages - this will assist in disputing any potential lost packages or damages with your shipping carrier.


If you would like to dispute a missing/damaged item, please contact us using the form here with the order number, retailer’s request, and your concerns with the request. We highly recommend you to take pictures of the order when it is ready for collection and attach these pictures in the form. These pictures can be very strong proof that all the products were in order and packaged properly at the time of collection. And result in the outcome of the investigation being in your favour and hence not affect your payout.


Note: it takes on average 2 months for the carrier to conclude the investigation. Hence, you cannot wait for the investigation to conclude to decide whether you'd like to provide a replacement or give a refund (more on this here). If the investigation result goes in your favor, we will do a reconciliation accordingly at the time