What should I do if I am out of stock on items to send in an order?

It is your responsibility to update inventory and make sure to send all the items ordered by the customer.

If you are unable to fulfill the entire order please make sure to always suggest an order modification as a replacement to avoid any disappointment from the customer.  You can do this by selecting the customers order from your dashboard and once you are in the customers order there is the option to suggest an order modification to your customer.  The customer then has 48 hours to respond to your modification suggestion.  If within that time frame you do not hear back from the customer you can message them through the dashboard.  If they still do not respond please reach out to our customer success team on Live Chat and we will try our best to get in contact with the customer directly. 

In the event that no replacements are available please modify the inventory of the item on the customers order to 0.  If the customer declines the replacement you suggested please choose Request a Refund in your Orders Dashboard.