What should I do if I need to delay an order?

We expect that you will ship orders within the lead time you have stated on your store front as it is your responsibility to our customers.  However, we understand that sometimes there are unforseen circumstances that arise and delay your ability to ship out an order within you noted lead time.  If this occurs, please make sure to communicate this with the customer immediately through the messaging option

You are able to find this by logging into your dashboard and on the left hand side you will see a gray column with several options.  One of those options being Orders.  Click on this and you will be brought to your orders dashboard where all orders ever placed with you are located.  Locate the customer you need to message and look all the way to the right hand side.  You will see there is a message bubble icon.  If you click on this a pop up will appear where you can write a message in the text box and contact your customer this way! 

Once they respond the message will then appear in your messages inbox and you will be able to communicate from the inbox going forward.