Can I buy/order another box?

                                                                                                                                                          What is a Mystery box?

Mystery box is driven by us pushing the boundaries for our sellers by showcasing their stock to the wider community in areas they might not have necessarily explored!

We bridge in that gap for them by giving our trusted sellers recognition as well as a teaser to what CREOATE has to offer!


How to be a lucky recipient of one of our Mystery Boxes?

Mystery boxes are a selective process which our algorithm chooses the lucky candidate in order to receive one of our one of a kind Mystery boxes! 

So please do keep an eye on your email and inboxes to see if you have received an opportunity to explore the wonderful products CREOATE showcases!


Can I buy a Mystery box?

Unfortunately not at the moment, however you can also shop from our bundles category where the wholesalers have put together their best-selling products to save you time and money.