Can I change my shipping address?

Since all buyer profiles are verified upon sign up, your address change may need to be revalidated depending on your order history on the platform.

First Order

If you have never placed and received an order, you will need to request a permanent change to your profile shipping address. You can make the request here. This will allow you to check out with the correct shipping address. 

Repeat Orders

If you have paid for and received a previous order, any subsequent orders can be edited by yourself directly on the check out page. 

Post Order Amendment

If placed an order using the wrong address, you will need to make a request here. If it is your first order, please ensure required proof of address is included or your request may be rejected.  Alternatively, for repeat purchasers you can place a new order by changing your address at check out to your preferred address and request a cancellation of the incorrect order


Note: We unfortunately cannot change the address if the shipping label has already been processed and order has been collected for delivery. In these circumstances, we can offer a refund/return and you are guided to re-order again using the correct address.