Where do I return items?

If you are from the UK or US, simply complete the returns form here to have your shipping and return arranged for you free of charge.

If you are from another region, you will need to arrange delivery making sure to correctly identify the items.  Once you have this information along with the tracking number please submit your return request by logging into your account and submitting this information on your Orders Dashboard.

Please mention the order number on the outside of the shipment. If the order number is not clearly mentioned then it may lead to processing delays or even rejection of the refund in some cases.

If you're based in the EU please send your returned stock to:


Att. Karl Osborne(Farfill)

Unit 2, Canberra House
Rowley Road
Coventry, CV3 4FR
United Kingdom
phone: +44 7719 897322

If you're based in the US, your returned stock needs to go to:


Attn: Mike Zemlock 


116 King Court 
New Holland, Pennsylvania 17557 
United States 

Your return will be processed within an estimated timeframe of 15 business days. During this time, you can conveniently track the status of your return on your Returns Dashboard.