How can I change my store and/or product currency?

As a seller, you can set your overall store currency. You will also be able to specify prices in 3 major currencies of GBP, EUR and USD


As a seller, you can set your store base currency in GBP, USD or EUR. You can do this in your Dashboard (Dashboard > Settings > Store > Store Currency)


Regardless of your base currency, prices will always be shown to customers in their local currencies if you are taking advantage of global selling. Meaning as EUR seller can still sell to customers in the USA and prices will appear to them in USD. 

There are two options to set product prices in different currencies:

  1. Set your local currency price and allow for prices to be converted at the market rate. In this case, you do nothing other than set a price in your local currency only. 
  2. Set a unique price for each currency. You will need to edit each product price and currency separately
More information on how to edit products can be found here