How do I add products with variations?

We recommend keeping product variations to a minimum, for example if your product comes in different sizes and colours we recommend to list each colour as a separate item with multiple size options. Why do this?

  1. The more listings you have on your page the higher the reach to buyers as products will appear numerous times in search results
  2. Products will be easier for you to manage when tracking stock
  3. Research shows our buyers like to spot all variations from the listing page such as the different colours a product may be available for purchase

When you don’t have different images for different variations (e.g. size variations): 

  • Select Edit on the product you wish to add variations
  • Under Product type: choose Variable
  • Attributes: choose what the variations are (e.g. size, colour, fragrance)
  • Enter text: specify the options available for the product (e.g. XS, S, 50×50)
  • Select Generate Variations

Now you have created the variations, just open each variation to add pricing and lastly make sure to Save Variations.