How do I amend an order?


Please check order details carefully before they are fulfilled as we may not be able to remedy any issues after you ship the order to the customer and it is received. If you need to amend an order, you have the following options:

Items out of stock: Suggest a replacement to the customer using the order modification option within the customers order. If no replacements are available change the quantity of the item to 0 or if the customer declines, choose Request a Refund in your Orders Dashboard.

Adding more items to an existing order: Sometimes your suggestions on alternate options result in additional items added to an order. The order may be amended if it has not yet been fulfilled, so please make sure this is addressed with our customer success team on Live Chat while the order is still in processing status.  



Sometimes mistakes or issues happen enroute. If any items need to be adjusted after fulfilment, due to being missed out or damage, please complete this form