How do I pay for orders?

There are two ways to pay for orders. 

1. You can pay upon placing the order, but please note that we only accept credit or debit cards at this time.  Prepaid cards are not accepted.

2. If you are approved for trade credit, you are able to use this to purchase your order.  You will receive an invoice with reminders until the 60 day payment period is up.  At this point the card on file will be charged. 

All invoices and due dates are visible on your dashboard and you are able to pay before the due date.  Just click the "Pay Now" button and the card on file will be charged.   

Please keep in mind that there are spending limits and if an order cannot be covered by the trade credit available you will need to pay the rest with the card on file in order for the order to be placed. 

Reminder: It is important to ensure that the correct card is on file when the payment is due. Failure to pay on time will result in the order becoming overdue, and we will take necessary actions on our end to address the situation.

If you are overdue on your payments please see our overdue guidance here