How should I link to CREOATE from my website?

Whether you have already linked up your CREOATE store from your main ecommerce site or not, we want to highlight the pros of backlinking, and ensure you’re doing it correctly to maximise those benefits.

The benefits of backlinking

Think of backlinking as a vote of confidence for your store. Doing so signals to search engines that your store is trustworthy, and worth directing traffic to. More traffic means a better product ranking on CREOATE, as well as your store being bumped up by our search tool, too. 

This means more traffic and exposure for you, and a better user experience for anyone searching for products you sell, or your store specifically. Everybody wins! 

So, what is the best way to do this to ensure you capitalise on the opportunity to drive traffic and boost sales?

Backlinking best practice

When linking to your CREOATE store from your ecommerce website, we recommend including the word ‘wholesale’ in your hyperlink. Doing so will further signal to the search engine crawling on your website that this link goes to a relevant website. It also further specifies the nature of your store to make it easier to find for those looking to shop wholesale.

For example: Shop [brand name] wholesale on CREOATE.

Doing so on a relevant section or dedicated page of your website can also increase your chance of generating more traffic to your CREOATE store.