What can I return?

We provide a 60-day return policy for any unsold stock from any vendor. This policy is designed to help you minimize the risk of unsold stock and ensure that you can offer your customers new and exciting products.

Eligibility: Items must be unused, resalable condition and in the original packaging. Underwear and swimwear cannot be returned once opened. 60 days are based on the order placement date.

Sets, boxes or bundles need to be complete as per purchased:

Example 1 - If you buy 1x bundle of 10 hats all 10 hats must be returned;

Example 2 - If you purchase 2x sets of 3 candles, then you must return a complete set of 3 candles;

Example 3 - If you purchase 10x individual toothbrushes, you can return from 0 to 10 toothbrushes;

Example 4 - If you buy a box of 6 soaps, then you must return the entire box of 6 soaps.