What information is needed for me to list a product?

The mandatory fields are:

  • wholesale price
  • retail price
  • product name
  • product description
  • product category
  • images 
  • stock status (in stock, out of stock, on backorder)
  • product type (simple or variable)
    • If variable you will need to fill out the variation and all necessary information based off of the variation.  For example, color, fragrance, size, etc. 
  • case size (if applicable)
  • MOQ (if applicable)

*You also have the option to set prices in other currencies*

1. Click on the downward arrow located where it says: "set prices in other currencies"


2. You will then see that a new section appears where you are able to fill in other currencies if you would like to have a set static price.  If you do not wish to have a set price, the price that appears in the other currency fields(see highlighted sections below) will be what the exchange rate is at the time you update your primary price.  

price 2