How and when do I get paid?

There are a few steps to make sure your payment method is set up right as this can delay payouts on orders fulfilled.  Please review the information below.

When you log into your dashboard you will see on the left hand side a gray column with several options.  One of these options is Settings.  If you click on this you will see you are brought to a new page and there will be other options to choose from on the left hand side.  One of these new options will be Payment.  Click on this option and then fill out the necessary bank information and your payment details.  Make sure to save this information!

**Please note, we no longer pay us PayPal so please do not fill out this information.  Also, if you are in the USA you MUST put your full address details, we DO NOT accept PO box.**

Now, when you receive and fulfill an order, you MUST mark the order as fulfilled in order to be paid on the order.  Once this is taken care of you will be paid out on the order in 30 business days from the date your brand statement shows the order was fulfilled.  

You can view your brand statement on the same page as your payment settings.  You will see at the very top of the page View Statements.  Click on this and your brand statement will open up to view.