How and when do I get paid?

Payments will be processed 30 days from fulfilment date and appear in your account within a further 3-5 business days. 

Please note: The order MUST be marked as fulfilled. Guidance here.

PAYMENT CURRENCY AND FX: Payments are made based on your currency selection from the available options of GBP, USD and EUR.  Payment to non GBP accounts will be based on available rates at the time of payment. We will not reimburse for any fees linked to the payout method you choose.

If you have not received your payment please ensure you have check the following 

  1. Are your bank details correct?Failure to add your bank account details may result in delays. Ensure you have saved your preferred payout method in your Payments Dashboard (Dashboard > Settings > Payments).* We do not accept PayPal accounts for payouts
    ** USA based accounts MUST provide full address details, and cannot be a PO box.
  2. Is the order marked as fulfilled?
    If the order is still processing the payment will not be triggered.

    Orders are marked as fulfilled automatically when using CREOATE shipping labels.

    If you have self shipped or requested a manual shipping label you will need to confirm with us when the order has been shipped. Please ensure this is done asap so the payment is not delayed. 

Once you have completed these checks If you still have any issues or have not received payment in line with the above guidance, please submit A PAYOUT REQUEST FORM HERE.