How do I get reimbursed if I self-ship?

Self-shipping needs to be agreed upon in advance with us. Please fill out this form to request self-shipping approval. If you are approved, please insert the shipping information (tracking, courier, and date) and upload the shipping invoice, together with the amount. The shipping amount reimbursement will be added to your order payout. Please check here for the shipping reimbursement amount limits that apply.

To add the tracking to your order. Go to the order page and scroll to the button of the order and there will be a self shipping section click the Add Tracking Button. 



For Self-shipped orders, you agree:

    1. The maximum allowed shipping cost reimbursement will not exceed the reimbursement caps. You can find the reimbursement caps for different lanes here:

    2. You are only allowed to ship orders within the lanes and countries Creoate operates. Anything outside our operational lanes would be considered fraud and would lead to immediate deactivation from the platform

    3. You are required to inform the buyer about the order being self-shipped and add the tracking details to your Dashboard as soon as it's available

    4. For international orders (e.g. outside your shipping country), you are familiar and able to complete the necessary paperwork for imports into the import country. If you cannot do so, you will disable these countries from your Dashboard

    5. For international orders, you are required to settle custom duties with your carrier in DDP format. The buyer should not be reached out by yourself or your carrier for custom duties payment

    6. Cancelling orders significantly impacts your growth on the platform so you are required to review your 'Shopping Country Restrictions' within your dashboard to ensure no orders are received where you cannot self-ship. You can always use Creoate shipping for orders you cannot self-ship