Shipping outside your home country

When it comes to additional paperwork for specific product categories (e.g. Food, Alcoholic drinks, Cosmetics, etc), brands are responsible for preparing the additional documentation for cross-border and international shipping and knowing if their products and packaging are approved and can be sold in foreign markets.


Companies importing goods into or exporting goods from the European Union need an EORI number. 

This means:

UK - EU / EU - UK - EORI number mandatory

EU - US / US - EU - EORI number mandatory

EU - EU - not needed but advisable 

US - UK / UK - US - not applicable

US - US - not applicable

For shipments outside your home country or territory: Please include 2x signed Commercial Invoices with the package - one inside and one attached outside in an envelope (for customs officials). You can download the Commercial Invoice from your Orders Dashboard.

Important: Shipments containing food, medication, plant material or cosmetics currently must travel to the EU with correct Phytosanitary paperwork and documentation or the parcels will be returned upon arrival. Shipments containing perfumes, air fresheners or chemical products may be considered a dangerous good and are required to travel with MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) or may be returned upon arrival.

Packing Slip: Include inside the parcel. This can be downloaded from your Orders Dashboard.


Note: Please note that shipping through CREOATE does not allow shipping of dangerous goods. If you are selling dangerous goods (for example Lithium-ion products) on CREOATE then you can only ship them via the self-shipping option (you can read more about it here)

What are Dangerous Goods?

Dangerous goods (also known as hazardous material or hazmat) are any substances or materials that are capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property. Goods with the following characteristics are considered dangerous (not an exhaustive list):


Electronic equipment, perfumes, and even food flavoring may be classified as Dangerous Goods. Some materials or chemicals may have characteristics that cause them to become harmful in specific circumstances.