How does shipping work?

We do not maintain any stock of products sold on the marketplace. Once an order is placed for your products, you will receive an order notification with details on the order. You will be able to share your typical shipping lead time during the onboarding process. Your brand page will inform retailers of your average lead time. 

Packing and Requesting a label: Package your items securely and carefully to avoid any disappointment on the other side! Ensure the parcel is securely and properly packed as you will be responsible for any damages resulting from improper packing. Notify us when the order is ready to ship and we will provide you with shipment details (labels, tracking, collection window) using our network of couriers.

Add shipping details to mark as fulfilled: Don't forget to add the tracking information to the order! This sends a notification to the customer with tracking and accounts for payment monitoring. Store your payment preferences in Settings > Payments section of your Dashboard.

Occasionally we may agree in advance for you to ship using your local shipment provider where our services are not available or suitable, in which case we will reimburse you for an agreed cost.