How does shipping work for sellers?

As a seller, you have two options when it comes to shipping your orders:

Option 1: Shipping through CREOATE

If you choose to ship through CREOATE, your order will be collected by one of our carrier partners (either DHL or UPS). This is totally free for CREOATE sellers; we cover all shipping costs and taxes. 


What you need to do:

  1. Pack your items securely and carefully to avoid any disappointment on the other side! Ensure the shipment is securely and properly packed as you will be responsible for any damages resulting from improper packing (find more about it here). Use the Creoate dashboard within the order page (refer screenshot 1 below for reference - click ‘REQUEST SHIPPING LABEL’ button to proceed with shipping label creation) to generate a shipping label by providing the shipment details (refer screenshot 2). Once you have fed the shipment information, the label will generate automatically and will appear to download. Pls note that it may take up to 15 mins for the label to be processed and ready for download.
  2. Be prepared for the carrier partner to collect the shipment on the collection day.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:



  1. If the label does not generate in 15 mins (once you have fed all the shipment details and clicked ‘REQUEST SHIPPING LABEL’ button) then it means there is a high shipping label traffic and the system needs a little more time to process the label so pls check back in a few hours. If the label still does not appear on your dashboard, our operations team will automatically pick up the label request and create the label manually and share it over an email. We create all manual label requests within 1 working day so pls allow us that time. And pls be on the lookout for the label from the email: Pls note that if the label is created manually, then the collection date will change and we will automatically pick up the next collection date from the carrier. We will be providing you this along with the other shipment details on the email
  2. If you have not received your shipping label in 1 working day from the requested date, then pls fill out the form - link. As mentioned in the point 1 above, the label will be created and shared across over an email
  3. Once a shipping label is generated, we will not be able to amend any shipment details so ensure that all shipment details are entered correctly while requesting shipping labels


Option 2: Arrange your own shipping

Occasionally we may agree in advance for you to ship your orders using your own local shipment provider if our services are not available or suitable. You can find more about self shipping here