The customer has reported damaged and/or missing items

It is your responsibility to ensure you package the items properly and securely to avoid any damages from occurring in transit to the customer due to improper packaging. (Please read more about how to pack your order here)

If your products are reported missing or damaged, the retailer will decide if they would like to cancel the products for a refund or request replacements

  • If a replacement is selected, the refund information above will apply. Additionally, once the replacement ships, you will then be paid out for the order. Note: replacement products can only be shipped via the self shipping route. You can find more about self shipping here. Additionally, you can read how shipping works here.
  • If a retailer chooses to cancel the items for a refund, the cost of the missing or damaged product(s) will be deducted from your pending payout if you have not yet been paid. If you have already been paid out for the order, your bank account on file will be charged for the value of the product(s), five business days after the retailer's claim.

Please use the messaging Dasboard to reach an agreement with the customer on how to move forward with the damage.  Once this is decided please inform our customer support team on Live Chat of the outcome.